Bringing music into your baby's everyday life will enrich their senses and experiences. Harmonious sounds can encourage them to listen to and benefit from music - you can choose calming or cheerful music to soothe them, for example. Using music, rhymes and lullabies with your baby will help them enjoy making music as they grow, and boost their learning power.

Rock a bye baby

Humming or singing to your very young baby while they're in a baby carrier or while you're changing or bathing them can keep them calm. It doesn't matter how out of tune you are or what nonsense you sing - it can be a shopping list! - your baby will love the sound of your voice. Enjoy it while it lasts ...

First music making

As your baby grows, offering them simple sound-making toys such as rattles, bells, drums and squeaky toys will introduce them to making 'music'. They can discover for themselves the joy of creating sounds. Shaking, squeezing and bashing will also help your baby discover cause and effect, encourage them to try 'what happens if ...' and let them enjoy using their hands.


As your baby grows towards a year old, they'll really enjoy repeated songs and rhymes. They'll begin to recognise and anticipate favourite songs - and want them over and over again. Try swaying or rocking while holding your baby and singing Row Row Row Your Boat, the Wheels on the Bus or Rock-a-Bye Baby. You can help your baby clap, rattle or kick too. Soon they'll be singing along with you.

This play idea is great for...

  Stimulates senses
Music boosts your baby's listening skills, and introduces them to intriguing and pleasurable sounds that stimulate their curious young mind.
  Fine motor skills
Picking up, shaking and squeezing toys to produce sounds helps your baby develop strength and coordination in their little hands.
  Thinking skills
Some research has indicated that playing and listening to music can help children learn later on. Encouraging your baby to enjoy music is a great start to a life of learning.