How exciting to have your first real summer family holiday with your baby. While worrying about how you’ll fit all the kit in your case, introduce your baby to some fun new experiences at home. Holidays (at home or away) are a wonderful chance for the whole family to bond, and you might find that this is just the time your baby moves on to their next stage.

Holiday at Home

Turn your garden into a fun baby playground with a safe and supportive baby swing in garden. If its not warm enough to fill a Baby Activity Pool with a little water, then try filling a pool or UV Sun Tent with playballs – indoors or outside of course. The Pop-up Pool is handy for unexpected warm days as you don’t have to blow it up! With its bag, it’s easy to take on holiday or to a friend’s house too. Try Pat Mats and a Baby Bucket Set too.

First Swimming Lessons

Helping your baby feel safe and confident in the water is the perfect first step towards a childhood (and lifetime!) of enjoyable swimming. Your baby will pick up on your confidence, so simply keep them close and enjoy it. An inflatable First Trainer Swimseat is a safe and supportive ring that enables your baby to enjoy water as you hold them or swim beside them.

Traveling Together

Travelling with your baby can be daunting, but some simple toys can help distract your baby from airport delays and on long car journeys. Try trusted favourites and a few new ideas, such as a Rainmaker, Activity Triangle, Buggy Driver or Singing Nursery Rhyme Book.

This play idea is great for...

  Stimulating Senses
Taking your baby in the water in a safe way is an exciting and new experience for them. Any holiday is a wonderful way to introduce your baby’s senses to new stimulation.
  Physical Development
When you spend time together on holiday it’s the perfect environment for really focusing on your baby’s development. Many families find that their baby seems to come on in (metaphorical) leaps and bounds when they’re on holiday.
  Communication Skills
Stimulating your baby, spending lots of time with them (even if it is while waiting in traffic or on a plane!) and talking them through all the things you experience together encourages them to respond and try to tell you about their amazing new world.