What a wonderful time of year to spend with your baby. With baby animals all around, flowers blooming and spring in the air. It’s the perfect time to get your baby out and about, encourage them to experience a bit more of their colourful world and enjoy some healthy active play together.

Spring brings senses alive

On a sunny day, take your baby outdoors for a play. Simply wrap your baby up warm, take out some favourite toys and let your baby enjoy playing in a fresh environment, on grass or on their mat outside. You can carry your baby around the garden or park, talk about all the sights, smells and sounds around them and let them drink in the spring air. A visit to a local farm park will be thrilling for your baby this Easter fluffy bunnies, tiny chicks and soft lambs to see and touch.

Active baby play

From a helpless newborn to a toddler – your baby’s first year or so marks the most incredible physical milestones. Physical play with your baby is a great way to encourage them to move, build strength and build confidence. Lying on the ground with your baby, lifting them up, moving around and having lots of face-to-face smiles and ‘conversation’ is fun for both of you. As your baby heads for a year, a soft sit-on rocker, crawl-through tent or a walker are great ways of building strength and physical confidence.

Brilliantly bright baby

Make your baby’s world as bright and sunny as a spring day to stimulate their senses and encourage them to reach, touch and explore. Colourful stacking cups, patterned blocks, balls to grasp and shapes to experiment with all inspire your baby’s mind and get their little hands exploring. Your baby’s first Easter is a wonderful time to open their eyes to their fantastic new world.

This play idea is great for...

  Stimulating senses
Feeling a fresh breeze, smelling spring flowers, touching a fluffy lamb and feeling grass with their little feet – Easter is a lovely time to introduce your baby to the natural world.
  Physical development
Getting on the floor with your baby and helping them roll, reach, and move is fun for both of you, and can help encourage physical coordination and confidence.
  Thinking skills
Brightly coloured toys and activities that intrigue and challenge your baby, such stacking or nesting cups or posting blocks into slots, help your baby discover out how objects work.