Your baby’s urge to explore the world gets stronger every day, and every day your baby develops just a little bit more – making the fascinating world a little easier to grasp. Your help and encouragement makes all the difference for your baby’s first exciting year of discovery.

Holding on, moving up

As your child grows towards their first birthday, they try different ways of exploring the world. Reaching out (whether the object is in reach or not), rolling over, pulling up, crawling and eventually walking are all the result of your baby’s overwhelming urge to discover the world for themselves. Putting your baby on the floor by sturdy and safe furniture, such as your sofa, or offering them a walker or ride on (such as Wobble Toddle Ride, or Blossom Butterfly) and giving them lots of loving encouragement is a good way of encouraging them to reach out, hold on and pull up.

Confidence boost by chatting

From around nine months your baby will begin to show you that they understand what you are saying. Your baby’s awareness of speech and language is inbuilt, but as they get closer to saying their first words, your baby listens and works out what words mean. Because your baby learns by hearing words and linking them with what is happening around them, the more words they hear the better. Having a friend with their baby around, chatting together and to your babies is an easy – and relaxing – way of helping your baby absorb more and more language.

Joyful noise

Your baby is starting to work out how the world works, such as discovering that some objects change when you squeeze them (like a Blossom Farm soft toy does) and others stay the same (like a rattle, plastic cup or plastic block or shape does). Along with these interesting discoveries, your baby will enjoy discovering how their actions affect the world. This is why your baby enjoys bashing two blocks together, or banging their cup on the table, or hammering the floor with a toy – they’re enjoying hearing their action’s reactions. And they probably get a reaction from you too, perhaps!

This play idea is great for...

  Physical Development
Your baby’s first year is an incredible time for physical development. Your constant help and encouragement will help your baby at every grasp, shuffle and step of the way.
  Learning to Talk
Just being near your baby, chatting with a friend and talking to your baby, getting on with your day together and commentating on what you’re doing helps your baby get closer to saying those wonderful first words.
  Builds Confidence
As well as offering your baby a safe and secure home environment for them to test and try out new skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling or pulling up, your patience and presence will give them the confidence to try for that next stage.