Art is much more than painting and colouring, so enjoy introducing your baby to creative play. Let your baby explore cool and colourful jelly or slippery cooled spaghetti with their hands. Try colourful toys of different shapes in a bowl of warm water for your baby to splash, clash and explore. Or try rhymes with actions to open their mind to new ideas.

Jelly jumble

Make up one or two packets of jelly in a big plastic bowl and once set let your baby enjoy exploring the cool squishy jelly. You can even set chunky blocks or other plastic toys inside the jelly for your baby to discover. You can also offer your baby some cooled cooked spaghetti to explore. You can add safe paint to make it colourful, or add toys to dig for. Try these games when you know your baby isn’t hungry!

Watery creations

Put some colourful toys of different shapes and textures into a washing-up bowl and add just a little warm water. You can add baby bubble bath too. Then watch your baby stir, splash, reach into and enjoy the toys. Try wooden blocks, plastic blocks, teethers, rattles and cups. Your baby can enjoy seeing what floats or sinks, and use their hands to explore

Active little hands

Encourage your baby to get interested in using their hands – great for cooking and craft. Get into the swing by trying some creative rhymes with actions together. Try: Mix a pancake, stir a pancake, put it in a pan. Fry a pancake, TOSS a pancake and catch it if you can. Try other classic favourites such as Round and Round the Garden or Two Little Dickie Birds.

This play idea is great for...

  Creative play
Offering your baby intriguing and open-ended play opportunities, and letting them follow their own ideas is a great way of encouraging your baby to think creatively
  Stimulating senses
Introducing your baby to new textures, colours, sights, sounds and smells and encouraging them to explore their new experiences helps your baby discover the world and how objects behave
  Thinking skills
Setting your baby simple challenges, such as seeking out a toy hidden in jelly or spaghetti, and talking to them while they enjoy playing helps them enjoy a challenge!