Guiding your baby through their first Christmas is so very special. And you baby will gain so much from the sights, sounds, and togetherness Christmas brings. Spending time with family and friend can build your baby's confidence and encourage them to move on to their next stage.

Playing with people

From birth, your baby gains so much from other people. From around three months your baby's horizons will expand so that they enjoy social time with famly and friends. And by five months they might start to babble to express their feelings. As your baby nears a year, they're much more aware of who they know and who they don't, so a family Christmas is the ideal time to expand your baby's circle. Don't be shy of handing your baby over to friends or relatives when you're busy at Christmas - your baby will gain much sensory stimulation from being cuddled, played with and chatted to by grandparents and other relatives.

Building Coordination

As your baby grows through the first year, they start to watch moving objects, or 'track' them. A three-month-old can track only a close and slow-moving object, but by their first birthday, your baby can see almost as well as an adult. in two or three years, your child will use their tracking skills to watch a ball fly through the air and catch it. You can help your baby to track and build coordingation and reaction by rolling a ball along the floor for them to grab

This play idea is great for...

  Stimulates senses
Spending lots of face-to-face time with family gives your baby enjoyment, and stimualtes all their senses as tehy watch, listen and reach out....for granddad's rustling party hat.
  Building confidence
As your baby grows towards their first birthday, they become more and more aware of who is a 'stranger'. By around nine months your baby can distinguish familiar faces from unknown ones. Playing with extended family expands your baby's list of familiar faces.
  Physical development
Encouaging your baby on to their next stage by rattling a toy out of sight, or putting something just out of reach inspires them to try a new kind of movement.