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Question: How can I make sure that my baby gets enough stimulation? Can she have too much stimulation?

Doctor Woolfson's Answer:

Your baby gets stimulation in two
ways. First, her natural curiosity means that she seeks this out for herself – that’s why she constantly explores her surroundings through touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. She is a just like a scientist, with an inner need to learn
about the world around her, and so she seeks out stimulation wherever possible. Second, you provide stimulation for her through interacting with her, talking to
her, and playing with her – everything
you do with your baby, from shaking a rattle in front of her to changing her
nappy, excites her. As long as she is
alert (not bored and apathetic), curious about her surroundings (not passive and uninterested), you can be reasonably sure
she gets enough stimulation from you during the day.

Of course, it is possible to over-stimulate a baby to such an extent that she becomes unsettled, agitated and unable to relax. If you think it has all been a bit too much for her, calm her down by reading a children’s story to her, in a soft, slow manner. This will help your baby regain her balance. The next day, reduce the amount of activities you provide for her until you reach a level of stimulation that suits her individual needs.