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Question: Are there any outdoor play-tips you an give me for my baby who is less than a year old?

Doctor Woolfson's Answer:

There are lots of fun activities you can play outdoors with a baby this age, especially now that the summer months are approaching – and he’ll thoroughly enjoy spending that time with you! Bear in mind that any trip outside the family home will be exciting from your baby’s perspective. All the sights, sounds and smells intrigue him, and he loves the open spaces of a garden or park.

If your baby is at the toddling stage, he’ll love the opportunity to walk on dry outdoor grass areas; he might like to hold a pull-along toy as he moves. And if he is still only crawling, let him sit with his toys outdoors on a play-mat. In the park, he’ll want to play with all the large apparatus in the adventure playground, but most of it will be for older children. However, you can push him gently back and forwards in a baby swing, which has the proper safety seat for a small infant, or perhaps even hold him as he moves slowly down one of the small slides. All outdoor play needs to be under your very close supervision, as your baby’s ambition typically outstrips his physical ability!

The more your baby has the opportunity to explore outdoors safely, the more he will develop his confidence with movement and coordination. He’ll also learn new skills which can only be good for him.