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Question: What games can I play with my 10 month old?

Doctor Woolfson's Answer:

Start with peek-a-boo, though do this gently in case he gets a fright when you hide and then re-appear. You can also play "Round and the round the garden", stroking his hand with your finger, ending by tickling him under the arm. Sing "row, row, row the boat", and show him how you rock back and forwards in time to the song. He will also like action rhymes like "Twinkle, twinkle, little star". Hold a mirror up to your infant's face; he will probably smile at his own reflection, and he might even reach out to try to touch what he sees in the mirror. After seeing you crumple a piece of paper, give him his own piece to play with; you'll see him take great delight in crumpling it too. Show him how to put one wooden block on top of another and stand back as he tries hard to play this building game.

Always choose toys suitable for this age group, which include nesting beakers, stacking cubes, shape sorters, chunky crayons and some paper, musical wind-up toys, wooden inset boards, a doll with removable clothes, large plastic construction blocks, a push-along toy, a play mat, a music box, a CD with songs, floating bath toys, pop-up toy, non-glass mirror, story books with basic pictures, plastic toy animals, a toy telephone with receiver, cuddly soft toys and...... . The range is endless, literally.