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Question: My baby has just learnt to sit up - what toys will help him learn to crawl?

Dr Richard Woolfson's Answer:

Give him time! You baby will learn to crawl when his body and mind is ready for it - you can't make him
crawl when he is not at that stage. Having said that, however, there is
no harm in giving him some encouragement! For instance, you
can lie him face down on a play
mat and put his favourite toy just out his reach. Watch him try to move his body towards the toy - he tries hard, but can't quite do it yet. In the coming months you'll see his crawling skills improve.

At this stage, your priority should be to develop your baby's balance skills so that he can sit up and play with toys around him, without toppling over. This will build up his confidence, making him more adventurous and more likely to try out new experiences. Give him toys that make a noise when shaken (for instance, a rattle) or that require concentration (for instance, stacking cups) - the less he thinks about sitting up on his own, the more stable he becomes. Within a few months, he'll probably start to crawl spontaneously.