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dolls' houses & furniture


 dolls' houses & furniture

Dolls' houses can be a great centre-point for young children's social interaction, so why not inspire your child to bring a dolls' house to life with our wonderful range of dolls' houses and furniture.

We offer classic large dolls' houses, such as Rosebud Dolls'House or the magical Snow Queen Palace. To make your dolls' house complete, every kind of furniture room set is available with the Rosebud House Kitchen Set, Rosebud House Children's Bedroom Set, Rosebud House Bathroom Set and even the Rosebud House Perfect Pets set to choose from.

Our Rosebud Village collection now includes a Rosebud Hospital, Farm, Tree House, 4x4 Horsebox and some great play sets such as the Rosebud Playground, Café and Florist.

Children can use dolls' houses to play at being grown-ups whilst acting-out stories and social occasions. They can build up their confidence, begin to understand the concept of sharing and let their imagination truly run free.